Enterprise Organizations

Take advantage of a free, impartial, consistent, and easy to understand view of your resource consumption. The WACx helps bridge the gap between your IT and Finance departments by providing one ‘common language’ that everyone on the team can comprehend. Each supplier is thoroughly vetted by ICI. Let the market compete for your business and experience the best infrastructure cost savings available.

  • Ability to make “apple to apples” comparisons
  • Benchmark and compare costs against the market
  • On-demand compute resource purchasing
  • Reduces risk exposure
  • A way to react when your business needs change
  • Competitive market efficiencies
  • Align your budget with actual consumption, not allocation

Cloud Service Providers

Sellers can reduce their IT infrastructure risks and lower cost of acquisition with ICI. Have the ability to sell excess capacity and practice and engage in yield management with access to greater demand. With regional and different WACx “type” pricing strategies sellers can have a better understanding of the customers internal and external consumption.

  • Additional sales channel
  • Lowered cost of acquisition
  • Improved access to demand organizations
  • Yield management
  • Approved market participants
  • Multiple contract “types”
  • Hedge CAPEX


Brokers have the ability to make money through the arbitrage between supply and demand. Brokers can also represent multiple suppliers and buyers, all while using the WACx to understand.